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<div>What do I have to do if I want to travel by Spain and hemodialysis receipt?
Spain currently has 342 dialysis units, can be accessed through our website to contact details of these units, using the following link:</div>
<div><a href=»http://alcer.org/federacionalcer/centros-de-dialisis/» target=»_blank» rel=»noopener»>http://alcer.org/federacionalcer/centros-de-dialisis/</a></div>
<div>The documentation needed to process the dialysis is:</div>
<li>Name and surname</li>
<li>Date start dialysis</li>
<li>Completion date dialysis</li>
<li>Address while on travels</li>
<li>Telephone number on travels</li>
<li>Form HDI (Dialysis Application Form) in English</li>
<li>Form General Conditions</li>
<li>Form Informativa Privacy</li>
<li>Serology date, not to exceed thirty days before the first dialysis location offset</li>
<li>MRSA (Methicillin-resistant-staphylococcus Aureus), not to exceed thirty days before the first dialysis location offset</li>
<li>National identity card or passport</li>
<li>Copy euroepa health card</li>
<li>Copy private insurance that covers dialysis treatment</li>
<li>Be sure to take the medication needed for travel days. Since the unit will not provide</li>
<div>To manage dialysis places the application is required with a minimum of three weeks.For more information please apply through the form:</div>


For more information:
Ana Belén Martín
<a href=»mailto:amartin@disenopaginasweb.net/alcer»>amartin@disenopaginasweb.net/alcer</a>